Monthly Archives: January 2008

My Old Games

There are a few games missing from this gallery including my first and second games, as well as one I helped to port. It contains most of what I’ve made with exception of a few small side projects that never got finished as well as the games I mentioned before.

And The Results Are In

Well, the results are in for the tenth ludumdare competition and while I didn’t take first in the overall category I am very happy with how I placed.

The awards I received:

  • 1st in Innovation
  • 1st in Audio
  • 2nd Overall
  • 3rd in Fun

In previous competitions we’ve had the pelly as our trophy, sort of like the oscar, but this year nobody was nice enough to make a complete set so I’m claiming all the unfinished ones as my own.

Begun Work on Yet Another Project

Showing off the first recent project that I started after a conversation with a friend. Hopefully the gameplay will be outside of the ordinary but I’ve just started working on it so I won’t discuss it at length yet. Instead you can see this screenshot.

Round World 1

You may have noticed that I’m using the free prototyping graphics from lostgarden. I’ve had to modify the graphics slightly to adapt them to my game but overall they’ve reduced the time it’s taken me to produce a prototype significantly. The other item of interest in this screenshot is the curvature of the game world. I achieved this effect by rendering the game world to texture and then applying the texture to a curved mesh. The final result still needs some tweaking but overall I’m happy with the effect.

Working on an iPhone Port of my Ludumdare Entry

After recieving an iPod touch for Christmas I have begun work on a port of my game. Unfortunately because the official sdk has not yet been released there is not much documentation on the available interfaces. I have the basics of the game already implemented however, my largest hurdle at this point is getting alpha blending working properly. The problem is not with the alpha blending itself but with the fact that I only have access to a 16bit surface. Since my game only draws quads I can fake it fairly easily but I think that I’ll wait for the official sdk before messing with alpha blending again. Hopefully the sdk will have full opengl es support.

Ipod Chain Reaction 1