Monthly Archives: June 2008

10 Hour Project #1: Intro

After skipping the most recent mini Ludum Dare contest because I didn’t like the theme I’ve been itching to write a game. However most of my games up to this point have been smaller projects, mostly because I knew I could finish them, and I’ve been wanting to try something larger for quite a while. That is why I’ve decided to break a larger project down into a series of smaller ones that are of a more manageable size. The overall goal for the project is to invest at least one hundred hours into making a game, which is considerably more than I’ve spent on any other game. Anyways, the game itself is going to be based on several ideas I got after talking with a friend about the hex based rpg he made for a class. Hopefully I’ll be able to test out several new gameplay ideas and to gain some experience making a larger game. For the first ten hour chunk I’ve decided to make a small find the item game on a hex based grid. I’m not even sure that you can really call that a game but it should provide a descent foundation for the rest of the project.